Posted by on March 23, 2014

This weekend I built a new business


A clothing brand inspired by some graffiti “Hipster scum get nothing done” on a shop in Brunswick. see below


Most of my projects are complex, strategic and software based which means a large amount of work upfront and a lot of (maybe too much) thought about the business model etc.

This year I decided that I would break things up a little and whilst continuing to launch my more significant  ventures I will launch a few things that combine fun with business and see how it goes.

This is one of 3 small projects I am working on. The others I am working on currently involve

  • Selling preserves at the market
  • Writing a book
  • Helping my brother with a business selling bike bags

Watch this space! – hey while your waiting why not buy a t-shirt!

or a mug

or an apron

or a dog vest!?



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