Native plants

There’s a big thing in Australia about growing Native plants. I have to say I think its overated and after out chat in the royal botanical gardens in Castlemaine about what plants we know well are “native” I realized  that a number of plants I thought were native to the UK were not includeing the apple. The only native widely eaten food I could think of was macadamias. So it got us thinking about where mist of the plants we eat originate.
Lemon – Asia
Orange – Asia

Strawberry – north America
Capsicum – America
Wheat – ottoman empire
Rice – Asia
Maize – America

Rasberry – Eastern Europe

Almonds, figs, peach – asia
Garlic – central asia
Potato – south America
Watermemon – south Africa
Capsicum – south America
Apple – Asia
Cucumber- India

Britain/ Europe

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