Day Plan GTD

Personal Productivity – Setting up your day for success

Making change requires work, work requires time and time is limited.

I am writing this post primarily to assist my friend Michael (who is new to personal productivity) but I also hope it will be useful for many people working on improving personal resilience in their lives.   I’ve been a practitioner of  “Getting Things Done”, a method of personal productivity from the book of the same name for about 4 years now.   I have written  on this subject  before on my page on personal productivity but this time I thought it might be useful to publish  how I set myself up to have a good productive day. The post will be brief as I have time boxed this activity to 30 minutes.

STEP 1 Review my todo lists

  • For personal todos I use and application called “Things”
  • For Shared todo’s I use “Remember the milk”
  • For work todo’s (which I use an A4 spiral bound book)

I’m at home and working on Personal todos. I review my todos in “Things” and write out the ones I want to do onto post its


STEP 2 Reorder my notes in the order I will work on them

Tasks Ordered

STEP 3 Write out my plan adding times to each activity

Day Plan GTD


It is now 6:41 it took about 5 minutes manage my lists and 36 minutes to take photos and write this post so I am behind so need to wrap this up. I hope you find this useful. As I said before I believe personal productivity is very important I reccomend reading getting things done. Other books and materials  I have found useful  on this subject can be found here.



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