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Started The Liver Cleansing Diet

I am a pretty healthy individual however in the last couple of years I have develeoped a few chronic health problems

  • Dry eyes
  • Sore eyes
  • Headaches that can last 3-4 days and put me in a bad mood (I think casued by painfull eyes)
  • Hot flushes in the afternoon
  • The headaches are made worse through doing headstands and handstands
  • Corneal errosion – I scratched my eye a year ago and it still hasn’t healed. The eye specialist reckons I may just have to live with it.

I am not content to “live” with theses symtoms anymore and have declared war on my ailments. I am going try everything I can think of to get rid of this (apart from stopping work on a computer)

My Hypothisis

  • Overworked Liver and maybe spleen
  • causing chemical inbalances and dehydration that is
  • casuing a lack of nutrients getting to my eyes which is
  • causing pain in my eyes
  • casusing my preloged headaches (migranes)

The Plan

Action 1 – Medical doctor (Got prescribed sandamigraine for my headaches which I stopped taking after a while because it wasn’t a cure just a way to reduce the symptoms)

Action 2 – Chinese Doctor I- I had acupuncture and some herbal remidies. 5 weeks into it I had a bad bought of headaches and nasty eyes. He suggested that the cause is most likely my liver speen and the herbs were to treat my eyes and liver. It is possible the reoccurence could have been due to a few beers that during a couple of days. However it was not the “miracle cure” I had hoped for so I decided I would try to sort it out myself.

Action 3 – The Liver Cleansing Diet I have been banging on about doing a fast or the liver cleansing diet for ages. I was winging about my headaches at work and saying how I was going to do a fast at some point and caught myself being pathetic. At this point I added to my todo list to get hold of the liver cleansing diet. At this time I have been strictly on the liver cleansing diet for 2 weeks. I have also been pretty free of booze (1 glass of wine and 2 beers).

Action 4 – My corneal errosion played up on the weekend. As a result I hit the internet again and found out that magnesium and zinc contribute to healthy eyes and depending upon the performance of your body your ability to metabolize these minerals can be reduced. For this reason I changed my hypothosis to

  • bad liver / speen
  • causing reduced minereal absorption causing mineral deficiency
  • causing bad eyes

For this reason I thought it worth taking some suppliments I have been on berroca for now 3 days and currently my eyes are not actually dry (exciting)

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