Posted by on March 15, 2011

I was motivated to write this after a friend showed me the video below. Have you ever watched a competitive aerobic competition? No well maybe you should. In tight lycra and big moustache those boys are having so much fun!

All this talk of dance reminds me of the post I wrote a long while about the Melbourne Shuffle (a melbourne dance move that involves a shiny floor and lots of talc) which is worth checking out.

Also did you know that Pumping Iron the video about Arnold Swarzennegger  competing in Mr Olympia (prior to any of his film work) was all on yourtube. It is really good – you don’t have to like gyms to like this. It is really interesting. I saw this movie at a music festival once and was riveted. Arnie is playing mind games with the competitors and he is sooo cocky,  a real smart arse and has some good one liners. It opens with him taking ballet lessons.

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