Podcasts on android are not as good as IOS

I love podcasts.

I listen to around two hours of podcasts every day. Recently I bought an android phone. I have now swapped the SIM back and am using my iphone 3gs so I can listen to podcasts again.

There are many podcasting apps you can get for android but my experience with ( I tried them all) is that none is as good as iTunes. This is bourne out by the fact that currently 89% of podcasts are listened to on IOS followed by 9% on android and 2% on RIM.

Podcasts by platform

People who don’t have apple products moan about iTunes , the main gripe is that you have to plug in you phone to download podcasts. Smartphones generally need charging every day so when mine is charging all the shows I have heard yesterday are removed and replaced with new ones. (Up to a max of 5 per podcast feed). So all I do is charge my phone (I do nothing to my mac) and my phone is charged and my podcasts are automatically loaded.

Recently I bought an android phone (a samsung galaxy note). My experience with android was so painful that eventually I sold the Samsung galaxy note and bought and iphone 5 (after trying many different approaches and wasting many hours of trying to get things to work).

Podcasting on Android?

You have 3 options

  • An android app
  • Software to make iTunes manage your podcasts
  • Use double twist or another iTunes like application

Why I did not like android apps


(I tried doggatcher, beyondpod and some other less usefull apps)

  1. Uploading my podcasts feed in itunes did not work on any of the applications
  2. the wifi direct upload was uniformly unreliable when I tried to automate it
  3. It took a while to work out how they work and generally the apps were difficult to navigate
  4. It is harder to manage feeds or search for feeds on a phone than it is on itunes

doubletwistI also tried itunes like software including double-twist and other clones

None of the itunes clones worked properly for podcasts – even soTHe only way I could get it to synch was to download all podcasts (not the 3 or 5 recent unlisted) this meant my 16GB phone got filled and the sync failed. I also tried other iphone clones like doubletwist, Miro, Nightinghale and others and found them lacking to the point they were unusable for podcasts

I have 120gb of podcasts on my laptop I like having them there. It means I can listen to old shows if I had used an android phone to download them

sjobsSo i bought an iphone 5

I now see that apple has created an iphone app for podcasts. If they remove podcasting from itunes I will not be making further updates to itunes. I actually don’t understand why they built the app. It looks like they are copying Android but why?

On the topic of Apple

stevejobs I am currently reading the Steve Jobs biography by . Its pretty compelling reading really – warts and all. And theirs alot of great stuff and alot of warts!

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