Mind Control

Dec. 12, 2013 by

We are all under mind control The only thing that varies from person to person is how much control we are under. The confused overwhelmed state of most people indicates

How to buy Bitcoins

Oct. 13, 2013 by

Last month I  wrote a post about what Bitcoin is and how it works and why it is important. I explained how the coins are mined and how nowadays mining

Good Paleo Recipes

Sep. 10, 2013 by

A friend of mine asked me for some Paleo meal ideas I have been on a paleolithic diet for a few years now. I have been interested in nutrition for

Tunnelbear & Why Libertarianism is so Dangerous

Tunnelbear & Why Libertarianism is so Dangerous

Jun. 16, 2013 by

Tunnelbear is free it allows you to view the web as if you reside in a different country. There was a video on youtube that was blocked and only available

Fluoridation is unproven at reducing cavities

Fluoridation does not work

Jun. 12, 2013 by

Fluoridation is a controversial issue. I have recently watched a video of Dr John Colquhoun from New Zealand who was a leading fluoridation promoter who changed his mind through examining the results of the

Fashion Modelling

Jun. 2, 2013 by

New career as a fashion model? I have just conducted my first modelling assignment wearing socks made out of bamboo! The photo-shoot was undertaken few weeks ago on location at the Aylston

Documentaries on TV dumb you down

May. 31, 2013 by

I believe the biggest threat to our world is not global warming, war, or poverty, it is an absence of critical thought. To solve any problem it first requires the

My Top 10 Books 2013

Apr. 30, 2013 by

People that don’t read books are missing out. I love books I also love consuming information through media such as podcasts. However books provide a method of learning complex topics

Christina Warinner Debunking the Paleo Myth

Christina Warinner Debunking the Paleo Myth

Apr. 21, 2013 by

I have been listening to the Paleo Podcast with Rob Wolf  talking about a video on Ted Talks. The video is by Research Associate from the Department of Anthropology at the University

Windows Vista runs at a quarter the speed of Ubuntu in 64 bit mode

Apr. 15, 2013 by

Recently I bought a PC laptop. I have windows XP at work and a mac at home. I installed ubuntu (the installation itself only took about 10 minutes as was