Podcasts on android are not as good as IOS

Apr. 7, 2013 by

I love podcasts. I listen to around two hours of podcasts every day. Recently I bought an android phone. I have now swapped the SIM back and am using my

the BRICS will destroy the US dollar

Unfolding Economic Shift

Apr. 5, 2013 by

The world is changing, we are currently witnessing a shift in power which will have a huge impact on people that don’t see it coming. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are now Australia moving off the US dollar as reserve currency it marks a move in world power away from US and European dominance.

Martin Luther Kings Murdered by CIA is proven in court

Mar. 20, 2013 by

After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 after about an hour

Is society more ethical than it was last year?

Feb. 25, 2013 by

I was listening to two beers with Steve the other day Steve was doing some ethical tests with his interviewer. I was quite interesting. Towards the end of the show

New Herb Garden

Feb. 9, 2013 by

I have just modified the front garden of out house and put in a lettuce and herb garden with walkways and irrigation. I am quite proud of my little creation

how to hedge inflation using silver

Silver is the best hedge against Inflation

Feb. 8, 2013 by

Silver has a great deal of potential upside. There is less silver available today than there was 100 years ago as silver is consumed by industry . Silver is approaching an all

Suppliments to take to reduce a chronic cold

Steps to recovery from a low immune system

Jan. 12, 2013 by

Mums a bit run down She has been getting colds for most of the last 6 months. In this post I explain the steps she should take to strengthen her immune

Constitutions of the world

Constitutions of the world

Dec. 6, 2012 by

I like the US constitution and the bill of rights right up to amendment 12. Its a pretty easy read and not that long. There is a profound difference between

The trivium, grammer , logic and rhetoric

use the trivium

Dec. 4, 2012 by

I have been working furiously on my website www.usethetrivium.com. I put together a video for it that I was thinking of putting up there somewhere. I thought you might like

The university is obsolete

University is dead

Nov. 19, 2012 by

I have been getting an education recently It cost me nothing and was the most effecting teaching I have ever had. I studied html5, CSS and php online with Codecademy