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My Top 10 Books 2013

People that don’t read books are missing out.

I love books I also love consuming information through media such as podcasts. However books provide a method of learning complex topics in a way you cannot learn from other media. I wrote an article on the effect of media and critical though on the usethetrivium website.

Below is a list of my most influencial books (and a few podcasts). Every book, video or podcasts on this list has been read and it rocks my world in one way or another

Other Books and media I like but didn’t make the top 10

Individual Resiliency



  • Freakenomics
  • Structures or why things don’t fall down – JE Gordon
  • The New science of Strong Materials – JE Gordon





  • Island – Aldous Huxley


see my finance blog for other recommendations (its a bit screwed because google lost all my images on the blog)

The Warrren Buffet way

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